• Thomas Gawlitta

21st Digital Deal enables companies to collaborate on an investment deal in real-time

21st Real Estate digitizes the entire investment process for commercial buyers by transforming it into the Digital Deal. The cloud-based Digital Deal dispenses with traditional linear process chains and becomes the core of all activities. Employees and external partners can collaborate on a deal in real-time, without having to wait for other steps in the workflow to be completed. Along the Digital Deal process chain, the company is offering solutions for every step of the process:

i) A fully automated matching of properties according to standardised property search criteria defined by the investor.

ii) Matching properties are automatically evaluated based on location, price and cash flow potential, and the investor receives recommendations to buy or reject them.

iii) Users can redefine investment scenarios and add information at any time, which is immediately included in the evaluations and accessible to all participants.

iv) All KPIs can be shared with banks, insurance companies and other service providers at the push of a button, who in turn can send offers directly to the investor.

v) The due diligence is then managed via digital transaction manuals and the deal is brought to the contract stage.

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