• Thomas Gawlitta

Proper and customer-oriented management of real estates

The proper and customer-oriented management of real estates requires the efficient interaction of various parties - tenants, landlords, facility managers, building insurance, energy providers, etc. - which are usually coordinated by the property manager. This task is usually connected with a high personnel expenditure. In addition, there are numerous process inefficiencies that affect the profitability of a property management system. At the same time, there is also a shortage of qualified staff in the industry, while customers demand more transparency and faster response times. Managers are therefore increasingly exposed to pressure from various sides. Digitization is the key to breaking out of this vicious circle.

Learn more about how casavi provide real estate managers, housing companies and property developers a future-oriented and intuitive solution for the digitization of processes, customer communication and service provider management and in this way leads to more cost-effective business processes while increasing customer and employees satisfaction at the same time.

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